HP Deskjet 3772 Compact Budget Printer

HP Deskjet 3772 Compact Budget Printer
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The HP DeskJet 3772 printer is small and inexpensive, and it has a sheetfed scanner. It’s a good choice if you live in a small apartment or dorm room because you won’t have to give up having a scanner to save space. It prints photos that look good and have pretty accurate colors, but it can’t print photos without borders, which is annoying if you want to print a full-size photo. Most of the other things about this printer are disappointing, though. The ink runs out quickly, so you won’t be able to print many pages before you have to buy more. Also, it takes a long time to print both black-and-white and color documents, so you’ll have to wait a long time for anything longer than 20 pages.

There are many different kinds of HP DeskJet 3700 all-in-one printers. All of the different versions of the DeskJet 3772, which we tested, have the same features and performance. The model number changes slightly depending on where you buy the printer, who sells it, and what color it is. In the section “Differences Between Variants” below, you can see all the different versions.

HP Deskjet 3772 Verdict

As a family printer, the HP DeskJet 3772 isn’t very good. Even though it prints photos well and gets colors pretty close, it isn’t very efficient in some important ways. It has a very low page yield, which means you may have to replace the cartridges often. This makes the cost per print very high. It also doesn’t have a flatbed scanner, so you might not be able to scan thin or big things.

Differences Between Sizes And Variants

All of the different versions have the same features and work the same way. The model number just changes depending on where you live.

ModelProduct Number
HP DeskJet 3720J9V86A, J9V86B, J9V93B, J9V94B, J9V95B, T8W54A
HP DeskJet 3721T8W92A
HP DeskJet 3722T8W56A, T8W57A, T8W58A
HP DeskJet 3730T8X00B, T8X01B
HP DeskJet 3732T8X04B, T8X05B
HP DeskJet 3733T8X06B, T8X07B
HP DeskJet 3735T8X10B
HP DeskJet 3750T8X12B
HP DeskJet 3752T8W51A, T8W52A
HP DeskJet 3755J9V90A (Blue), J9V91A (Stone), J9V92A (Seagrass)
HP DeskJet 3758T8W83A
HP DeskJet 3760T8X19B
HP DeskJet 3762T8X23B
HP DeskJet 3764T8X27B
HP DeskJet 3772T8W88A
HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 3775J9V87A, J9V87B, T8W42C
HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 3776J9V88A
HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 3778J9V89B
HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 3785T8W46C, T8W37A, 3YZ74A, 4SC29A
HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 3786T8W38A, 3YZ75A, 4SC30A
HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 37871DT61A, T8W48C
HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 37881DT62A
HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 3789T8W35A
source: rtings.com

Compared To Other Printers

The HP DeskJet 3772 is a simple, small printer that doesn’t do much and doesn’t have many features. Compared to other printers we’ve tested, it prints a very small number of black and color pages. As a result, it has one of the highest cost-per-print rates. Also, it prints much slower than most, whether you only want to print in black or want to print photos. On the plus side, it does a decent job with colors and takes good photos, even better than the HP ENVY Photo 7155.

HP Deskjet 3772 All-In-One Printer

HP Deskjet 3772 Compact Budget Printer
Image: Walmart.Canada

The HP DeskJet 3772 is a multifunction printer that is both small and flexible in its capabilities. Its multifunctionality as a printer, scanner, and copier makes it an excellent choice for personal or small business use. Because it can connect wirelessly to your laptop, phone, or tablet, you can print from practically anywhere. It also offers a user-friendly interface that lets you adjust settings, monitor ink levels, and conduct other functions. When the black or color ink in your HP DeskJet 3772 runs out, you may swap out the cartridges with ease. The HP DeskJet 3772 is an excellent choice for a small office or home since it is both inexpensive and dependable.

HP Deskjet 3772 FAQs:

Can photos be printed on the HP DeskJet 3772?

With the HP DeskJet 3772, the world’s smallest home all-in-one printer, you can save space and get the printing power you need. This printer can print, copy, and scan wirelessly and reliably. It also has HP Scroll Scan, which makes it easy to scan a wide range of materials, from plain paper to photos and receipts.

What is HP DeskJet series?

Hewlett-Packard makes inkjet printers under the brand name Deskjet. There are both small home printers and large industrial printers in this range, but the largest ones are usually called DesignJet.

How do I get my HP DeskJet 3772 printer to work with my computer?

HP Smart works with versions 1809 or higher of Windows 11 and Windows 10.

Install the HP Smart app to finish setting up and getting help.

  • Install the software and drivers for the printer.
  • Register your printer by making an HP account.
  • Connect your printer to your Wi-Fi network, put paper in it, and put ink cartridges.

Does DeskJet 3772 work with iPhones?

It works with iPhone® 4 and later, iPad® 4th generation, iPad miniTM, iPad Air®, iPod®, and mobile devices with AndroidTM 4.0. 3 or later.

Which is better DeskJet or Laserjet?

Inkjet printers work best for small documents with a lot of images, such as photos and school projects. But if you need a printer that can handle a lot of text-based documents, a laser printer is the better and cheaper option. It also helps to think about the future.

How do I connect my HP Deskjet to my Wi-Fi?

Put the printer close to the wireless router. Open the Setup, Network, or Wireless settings menus, and then choose Wireless Setup Wizard. To connect, choose the name of your network and then type in the password.

Can I refill HP DeskJet cartridge?

It’s easy to refill your empty HP ink cartridges, and it can save you money if you don’t want to keep buying expensive original HP cartridges. You’ll need an ink refill kit, which is easy to find online, to refill your HP ink cartridge. Below, you can find links to the refill kits.

Does the HP DeskJet 3772 fax?

The HP DeskJet 3772 All-in-One Printer can’t send or receive faxes.

Can I use an HP printer that doesn’t have instant ink?

Yes, you don’t need HP Instant Ink to use an HP printer. It will make sure you always have ink when you need it and save you up to 50%1 on ink or toner.

Why is my HP printer not printing?

Make sure you have the right ink or toner cartridges in the printer and that it has enough ink or toner for the job you want to print. Make sure that the control panel of the printer doesn’t show any error messages or blinking lights. Fix any mistakes you find before you use the printer. To get rid of any error states, restart the printer.

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