Neon Valorant Agent In A Video Game

Neon Valorant Agent

The 19th agent to join the Vital Protocol is Neon. The young Filipina makes electricity on her own to get ahead of her opponents. Here we are talking about the Neon Valorant agent.

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Neon valorant agent is one of the youngest members of the VALORANT PROTOCOL. She has a long history with people like Kingdom and Chamber, and she joined the Protocol for a number of different reasons.

Neon valorant agent used to work for Kingdom K-SEC. She met Chamber at some point in her life and didn’t like what she saw in him. Later, Chamber asked Neon to join the VALORANT PROTOCOL, and Brimstone asked her to join, even though she and Chamber had a bad history. It’s clear that she’s still talking to her parents, but they don’t know what the VALORANT PROTOCOL is.

Sage and Reyna argue over who should train Neon as a vampire agent once she is accepted into the protocol. Sage wants to make Neon a good, skilled fighter, while Reyna wants to unlock Neon’s full potential by taking off the Surge Protector on her back, which she calls a “muzzle.” Chamber also backs Reyna and is trying to convince Brimstone to let her take off her voltage caps, which Neon is against. Neon is also helping to make sure that the Alpha-Omega Bridge that Killjoy built has enough power.

Canonicity Unknown

An article on PhilSTAR L!fe[1] that claimed to have talked to Neon valorant Agent’s voice actor, Vanille Velasquez, gave this information away. Later, this information was taken out of the article, and no one knows if it is retconned or not.

Neon valorant agent and her bioelectric powers were found 20 years ago when a lightning strike near Mount Pulag caused a rift to open up in the sky. She was found by a Filipino scientist who was studying the scene and took her in. Neon was raised by the scientist and a tough Manila Anti-Corruption Task Force officer who acted as her mother. Neon was trained so that she and her mother could one day join this task force. Neon started working for Kingdom’s K-SEC sector later in life. She had a bad experience with Chamber, who she now dislikes. Neon’s powers are affected by how she feels, and she is a big name in the world of professional video games.

After Patch 4.05 came out and made Neon’s Agent dossier public, it was confirmed that her father is a scientist and her mother is a justice officer.

Is Neon Valorant Agent The Best?

Neon’s ultimate ability might be the most powerful one in the game so far. When she uses her ultimate, the agent can move quickly and shoot laser blasts from her fingers that do a lot of damage. An electricity tank in the ocean that can hold enough power lets her draw energy and zap enemies at supersonic speed.

What Role Is Neon Valorant Agent?

Neon valorant agent is a part of the strike team in Istanbul. Neon’s job was to quickly cover a lot of ground, and she also fights in the team’s last move to catch their target.

Relationships With Other Agents

Relationship With Killjoy

Neon valorant agent is helping to power Killjoy’s Alpha-Omega bridge, but she seems annoyed by how nosy Killjoy is and how she uses her dangerous powers without thinking.

Relationship With Sage

Being young and not being able to control her powers yet. Sage is like a mentor to Neon Valorant agent, helping her learn how to be both a Radiant and an Agent.

Relationship With Jett

Jett and Neon are friendly rivals because both of their abilities are based on speed and movement.

Relationship With Reyna

Reyna Valorant Agent wants to help Neon valorant agent reach her full potential, regardless of what that might mean for her.

Relationship With Astra

Neon and Astra seem to be friends. This is shown by the voice line in which Neon gives Astra a compliment. She is also interested in Astra’s abilities, so she asks her what she can do.

Relationship With Chamber

Neon Valorant Agent seems to have had bad times with Chamber, probably when she worked in K-SEC. This makes Neon suspicious of Chamber, so he warns other Agents about how he takes advantage of people.

Talking About Valorant All Characters

  • Astra
Neon Valorant Agent
Source:Riot Games

Astra is a happy and energetic agent who doesn’t hold back when she has something to say. She is pretty straightforward about how she says what she wants to say, and friendly banter is her go-to style. She seems to like people and places that are lively and doesn’t like it when they don’t have any “color” or “personality.”

She has said that her plans and ideas may sometimes sound crazy, but that’s because her cosmic powers let her see things that most people can’t.

  • Breach
Neon Valorant Agent
Source:Riot Games

If anyone knows how dangerous and exciting it is to be a VALORANT agent, it’s probably Breach. This bionic man has hinted that he has been on the battlefield for a long time, and any shootout is fun for him. He mostly thinks of his current job in VALORANT as just another place where he drops into a fight, wins, and gets paid. But he also wants to have fun and won’t be afraid to cause trouble along the way.

Sova says in his voice lines that Breach lacks patience and tends to jump into fights without waiting for his team. Yoru is also angry with the Swede because he is a loudmouth who won’t stop talking. With his reputation for being aggressive, Breach likes to get things done quickly, and when guns are pointed at his face, he knows it’s just another Tuesday.

  • Brimstone
Neon Valorant Agent
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Brimstone is the oldest person in the group. He is a commander with a long history of wearing a uniform. If his age and experience didn’t prove that he was the right person to lead a group of unique people who are all elite in their own right, then maybe the fact that he still works with his feet on the ground did.

As the leader of VALORANT and its most senior member, Brimstone always tries to cheer up his team whenever he can. He doesn’t seem to require his subordinates to speak in a military-style formal or professional way, which is clear from the fact that he calls the younger agents “kids.” Brimstone also says that he is stubborn, and he is very set on not letting his age force him to retire any time soon.

  • Chamber
Neon Valorant Agent
Source:Riot Games

Chamber is sure of his skills and the value he offers. He does this with a mix of cool nonchalance, professional poise, and smug humor. He has high standards for himself and his team. He reminds everyone that if they want to win, they might as well go all out and be the best at what they do.

He has been friendly with a lot of Protocol agents, but he knows that he has a lot of secrets that are better kept hidden.

  • Cypher
Neon Valorant Agent
Source:Riot Games

Cypher is always looking for secrets, information, and intel, and he has gotten so good at it that he knows everyone’s passwords in the VALORANT Protocol. He keeps most of this information to himself and makes sure no one else finds it. He will only tell someone what he knows if they pay him. He knows a lot about his allies, but they don’t know much about him, and that’s how he likes it.

Cypher has a history of killing, but he seems to get along better with some of the Protocol agents. For example, he calls Killjoy “little engineer,” Phoenix “little star,” and Jett “wind assassin.” Cypher is a smart person who likes to play chess. He is also known to be a good observer, as was shown when he noticed that Phoenix didn’t usually make sacrifice plays just to win.

He is also known for being a bit cheeky. When he needs parts or tools, he often takes them from his fellow agents without asking for permission first. Instead, he often tells them about it after the fact.

  • Fade
Neon Valorant Agent
Source:Riot Games

Fade’s first impression is that she is a tough person, but she also has a good sense of humor. When she says something serious, she often follows it up with a quick-witted joke. Working with the operation can feel like a chore to her, and she just wants to get things over with. Even when she is brought back to life, she often seems reluctant. She seems to be proud of her Radiant abilities and the big advantages they give her and her team in battle. She also says that some of the more “intimidating” agents, like Reyna and Viper, aren’t what they seem to be.

She doesn’t hide when she’s impressed by one of the agents, and she encourages them when they do well. She’s trying to make sure the team works well together, and it could be said that she’s also trying to get to know the agents by talking about what they can do together. She would rather not be at odds with the people she will be working with for as long as it takes to find “him.”

Fade seems to feel sorry for her mirrored self, saying that she has “seen too much,” which could mean that Fade hates her powers. Seeing everyone’s raw trauma may help her on the battlefield, but it seems to bother her mentally. She even says, “Anything to keep me awake.”

  • Harbor
Neon Valorant Agent
Source:Riot Games

Most of the time, Harbor is shown to be a happy agent whose speeches make his teammates feel good about themselves and are full of cute jokes. He has shown that he has a lot of combat experience, thanks to the long time he spent serving under REALM, where he built a reputation for being an excellent soldier who deserves to be called a legend. Harbor is known as the “nicest guy you’ll ever meet,” as long as you’re on the same side as him. But when it’s time for Harbor to go on a mission, people who have worked with him will say that he is a “absolute terror on the field.”

Harbor is a skilled historian and collector of old things. He is not afraid to talk about what he knows and how interested he is in the worlds of ancient artifacts, history, and architecture. He seems to like his job, which is to work with old things and buildings. Put him anywhere in the world, and he might be able to tell you something about the history of that place.

  • Jett
Neon Valorant Agent
Source:Riot Games

People usually think of the wind as cool, but Jett is an aggressive agent with a sarcastic personality. Jett also has a cheeky, childish, “in-your-face” attitude. She is often seen insulting her teammates for things they do well and is always bragging about how arrogant she is. Her confidence may make it seem like she doesn’t care about the safety of her teammates, but she has realized, albeit reluctantly, that it’s best to play as a team. She is much nicer to her teammates than she used to be.

Her youth is clear when she chats with her allies, and she can sometimes spitball when she’s excited to share ideas.

  • Kay/o
Neon Valorant Agent
Source:Riot Games

Even though KAY/O is a robot, he is not completely emotionless. He came to Earth as a war veteran who has seen the terrible results of war, and he is determined to make sure that a conflict of the same size never happens again. Since he is part of the Human-Radiant War, he has shown to be friendlier to his human teammates and more cautious around his radiant allies.

He is known to make a lot of jokes and sarcastic comments as he charges into battle. This shows that he is more than just a killing machine programmed to kill.

  • Killjoy
Neon Valorant Agent
Source:Riot Games

Killjoy is the perfect example of German efficiency. She is always excited about being able to use the technology she builds to its fullest potential and about the chance to learn more. Killjoy has never been afraid to say that she has used tech-related missions in the past to “weasel more money” out of the Protocol’s quarterly budget. She has said this without any shame.

Even though she says she is “cool as a cucumber,” Killjoy gets angry when her teammates don’t do what she asks of them, like try out new technology or read the data reports she has written. Still, she is sure of her own brilliance. This is clear when she tells her teammates, especially those who use technology, to give her their gadgets to fix and when she tells the team to let her do the overthinking.

In a voicemail she sent to Brimstone, she expressed sadness over the deaths of non-military people after the Everett-Linde Laboratory was destroyed. This showed how caring she was.

  • Omen
Neon Valorant Agent
Source:Riot Games

Omen is a living nightmare. He makes the most of his shadowy body and won’t think twice about using paranoia and fear to kill his enemies. His cynicism comes from the fact that he was forced to stay in the state he is in now, which caused him a lot of pain. Omen wants to know more about his strange situation more than anyone else, and he wants to know it very badly.

Even though Omen is a scary guy, he is friendly with people he knows well, like Viper. This is shown by the fact that he can call her by her real name, even though she has told other agents not to do this. He has been known to knit when he needs to concentrate.

  • Phoenix
Source:Riot Games

Phoenix is a duelist by job and nature. He is bold, impulsive, and has a lot of confidence. He never hesitates to charge into a fight head-on, even if he doesn’t fully understand what’s going on, which frustrates his more calm teammates. As shown in “Take,” if Phoenix gets himself into a bad situation because he is impatient, he is more than able to quickly adapt to the situation and turn the tables, then rub it in the faces of teammates who had doubts about him at first.

Sova reminds him that he needs to be more patient before they can play a strategic game of chess together. But Phoenix does pay attention to what his allies say, as seen in “WARM UP,” where he changes his plan after Cypher points out that the Brit wasn’t used to making sacrifice plays just to win.

Even though Phoenix does things quickly, he is known as a prodigy, even though he says it wasn’t his own words, and he always proves it.

  • Raze
Source:Riot Games

The one-woman party from Bahia, Raze is always playfully impulsive and spontaneous. She gives off chaotic energy and wreaks havoc on the battlefield, destroying every obstacle that stands in her way. Sage says she can be impatient and won’t stick to plans. She is known for being cheeky, and Cypher got mad at her when she kept breaking his gadgets.

Since she likes to have fun, she calls her fellow agents “family” and always tells them that she’ll be in charge of the fireworks show.

  • Reyna
Source:Riot Games

Reyna gets what she wants when she wants it, regardless of who is in her way. She is wild and almost animal-like, and she doesn’t think twice about killing her enemies and getting blood on her hands. She hates technology and enjoys seeing her enemies suffer. She loves to compete with other Radiants to see who is the strongest.

She seems to have a negative view of the rest of the world because she has had to go through a lot of pain to stay alive. But she knows that Earth is still her home, and she’s determined to protect it even if it means more bloodshed.

  • Sage
Source:Riot Games

Sage is an agent who looks out for her teammates and helps them whenever she can. She has been called a stronghold. She has fully accepted her powers, which give her control over life, and wants to use them to keep her team alive as long as possible. Sage is more calm and collected than some of her more active allies. She always says positive things to rally the team and help them win.

  • Skye
Source:Riot Games

Skye has said that she wasn’t used to working with other people before she joined VALORANT, but she has quickly shown that she is a true team player, leading and reminding her team to move as one unit and work together as they complete their mission. Skye is naturally observant because she is able to feel and sense the natural world and everything else around her. If she feels something out of the ordinary, she will notice it quickly.

Skye is a hard worker because she grew up on a farm, and she seems to want her teammates to be the same. She holds a woodworking class in the mess hall of their headquarters to practice having quick minds through quick hands, and anyone she catches slacking off has to join her 4 a.m. morning run.

  • Sova
Source:Riot Games

Sova is a humble hunter who has killed both people and animals. He works carefully and precisely, scouting and gathering information before killing his enemies. Sova has told Phoenix that he thinks being patient and thinking strategically are important. Sova is a team player, so he always praises his allies and never hesitates to say he trusts them. He seems to care about the team so much that he is willing to put his own life at risk for it. Brimstone tells him that it is just as important for him to take care of himself.

Cypher has said that the hunter is a “measured” person, which means that he is calm and in control. Sova is known as a man with strong morals. He values honesty and openness, and he wants the same from his teammates.

  • Viper
Source:Riot Games

Viper is a wild and confident agent who doesn’t fear enemies and wants them to be afraid. She doesn’t mind calling herself a villain and a monster, and she’ll act like both if it helps her reach her goal. Like her abilities, she can be very “toxic.” However, she seems to be friendlier and more caring toward her teammates, though she won’t hesitate to scold them harshly if they make big mistakes on the battlefield.

Several agents have noticed that Viper is angry and violent on the inside. Viper has made it seem like her enemies have taken a lot of things from her and that she will do anything to get back at them.

  • Yoru
Source:Riot Games

Yoru is arrogant, and it’s well known that people, even his own teammates, can get on his nerves easily. He works mostly as a lone wolf, preferring to take out whole enemy teams by himself. At first, he didn’t want to work with his team, but over time he became a team player. Yoru thinks a lot of himself and his skills because he is a powerful rift walker. He always looks down on his enemies and calls them “minnows,” which means nothing more than small fish. People have seen him put these ideas into action, like when he killed up to twenty enemies all by himself. Some of these things Yoru does to bring order to the streets are seen as heroic by onlookers, but Yoru doesn’t like being seen as a savior or a hero for what he does.

Even though he’s irritable, he’s not angry or impatient. In fact, his powers force him to think strategically as he moves behind enemy lines without being seen, and he takes his time getting into position to make sure he kills his opponents perfectly. This was shown in “Take,” when he fought off Omega agents on Bennett Island with more care than Phoenix did when he ran straight at the enemy.

Talking About Valorant Game


Valorant is a first-person tactical hero shooter game set in the near future. It is played with a team. Players take on the role of one of a group of characters called Agents. Each Agent is based on a different country or culture around the world. In the main game mode, players are put on either the team that is attacking or the team that is defending.

The story of VALORANT takes place on a version of Earth in the near future, after something called “First Light.” This event happens all over the world and causes big changes in life, technology, and how governments work. But some people all over the world start to get new skills because of this huge event. Radiants are the name for these talented people.

In response to First Light, a shadow organization creates the VALORANT Protocol, which brings together agents from all over the world. Radiants and other people with Radiant technology are part of these Agents. Because of the characters’ pasts, the VALORANT team has interesting dynamics. Some of the members know each other, and they come from a wide range of backgrounds, from crime to the military.

Why Is Valorant A Popular Game?

Valorant, made by Riot Games, has a lot in common with classic FPS games like Counter-Strike and Overwatch. This combination has been very popular with players all over the world, and it continues to hold the attention of both new and old players.


VALORANT is a first-person tactical shooter game where players compete against each other. It takes place on Earth in the near future, and the main characters are called “agents.” Each agent has a unique set of skills that can be used to create tactical opportunities.

en people are split into two teams: attackers and Defenders. The goal is to win as many rounds as possible. To win a round, a team must either get rid of the other team or complete its own spike objective. The game is over when the first team gets to 13 rounds. At the start of the game, players have to lock in their agent in a lobby. The lobby stays open for 80 seconds, or until everyone has locked in their agent. Each agent can only be chosen once per team, and players don’t know which agent the other team has chosen until the first Buy Phase. Before each round, there is a 30-second long buy phase. During the buy phase, you can’t get to most of the map, and the two teams can’t meet. So, attackers can’t go into sites and can only go near their spawn point. Defenders, on the other hand, can move freely between sites, but not further. During this phase, players are also able to buy weapons, shields, and skills.

en people are split into two teams: Attackers and Defenders. To win a round, a team must either get rid of the other team or complete its own spike objective. The game is over when the first team gets to 13 rounds. At the start of the game, players have to lock in their Agent in a lobby. The lobby stays open for 80 seconds, or until everyone has locked in their Agent. Each Agent can only be chosen once per team, and players don’t know which Agent the other team has chosen until the first Buy Phase. Before each round, there is a 30-second long Buy Phase. During the Buy Phase, you can’t get to most of the map, and the two teams can’t meet. So, Attackers can’t go into sites and can only go near their spawn point. Defenders, on the other hand, can move freely between sites, but not further. During this phase, players are also able to buy weapons, shields, and skills.

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